Did you just get freaked out by the word networking? No worries! We'll be talking about it and how to do it easily and naturally. And how to make it fun. Bring your cards if you've got em.

We can't wait to see you!!


As members of the Women in Arts and Media Coalition we have been invited to participate in the conversation around sexual harassment. Please see details below and make sure you RSVP.

The SAG-AFTRA FOUNDATION Invites you to:

Addressing Sexual Harassment:
Protection, Rec...

BOLD is a part of the Women in Arts and Media Coalition, made up of over twenty organizations, unions, and non-profits that serve women. Check out this amazing opportunity to create with another BOLD woman as a part of the annual Collaboration Awards.


Every month we meet and sit down with women who remind us of what it means to live a BOLD life. This month we are sitting down with Pauletta Pearson Washington. Currently starring as Elizabeth in The Billy Holiday Theatre's production of The Old Settler. We're talking...

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