I have gotten such a kick out of all of the "Letters to 2016 memes." If you haven't seen one, they are memes or post, personifying 2016 as a whole, highlighting the ratchetness of the year; as it came with many moments of suffering and heartache for our nation a...

Are you visualizing a BOLDer 2017? Yeah, so are we. Join us for our BOLD: Vision Night. We'll be making vision boards, asking ourselves questions that will help us break down barriers, and we'll share tips to unlocking our true potential.  

We'll provide glue sti...

We are Bold! An organization that exist to build up black women in the performing arts for the restoration of culture. We truly believe black women have and will change the world, and want to spotlight women who are doing just that!

 Every month we will introduce you to...

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