We enjoy creating safe spaces for women to enjoy, grow, and learn from one another.


If you are in NYC check out one of our social gatherings where you will always find four things: food, drinks, music, and a black woman walking the same artistic walk as you! If you happen to be outside of the NYC, we'd love to come to you!  BOLD on the Road is an intiative to make the landing softer for women doing out of town shows.

Check below for information on upcoming gatherings!

I don't know about you, but I am constantly looking for BOLD ways to to remind me of the power I have within. From watching Beychella, to reading May's Book Club selection, An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. We as women are in constant need of reminders and tools that show us  we can defy the limits of society, breaking free from boxes, and thriving with edges, flawless skin, and our heads held high. So whats been inspiring...

We do know about you but we think this February and March were months to not forget, but why does Black Women's History season have to end after February and March? We asked out BOLD Facebook group to tell us their favorite books, YouTube clips, songs, shows, etc. they listened to  watched, read, or went to, to celebrate black women’s history month and here is what they said:

Vasthy Mompoint: "I am reading Children of...

The Mountaintop:

A Three-Part Jubilee Bringing Attention to the Black Experience of the Contemporary Stage

The Climb: A Conversation with Tara Rubin, Kate Lumpkin, and Jordan Thaler about Diversity and Inclusion.

Join us for a frank and informational discussion moderated by Allyson Tucker-Mitchell, with the people who call us in, Casting Directors.  The purpose of The Climb is to promote communication between casting directors an...

Last time we gathered we mixed and mingled and talked briefly on networking. we learned so much in the time and want to share some takeaways! Check out some tools and tricks to networking like a pro from Tia and go a little deeper in approaching networking holistically with Destinee in the videos below. Don't forget to like, share, and comment, we would love to hear from you!

Tools and Tricks to Networking with Tia:


Did you just get freaked out by the word networking? No worries! We'll be talking about it and how to do it easily and naturally. And how to make it fun. Bring your cards if you've got em.

We can't wait to see you!!


As members of the Women in Arts and Media Coalition we have been invited to participate in the conversation around sexual harassment. Please see details below and make sure you RSVP.

The SAG-AFTRA FOUNDATION Invites you to:

Addressing Sexual Harassment:
Protection, Recourse, Recovery & Culture Change

Friday, November 17
7 PM
Robin Williams Center | 247 West 54th Street

Fear of addressing harassment is all too common...

Come soak up the last bit of summer sun with us! Drop in and drop out anytime between 11-2pm. Look for the yellow balloons in Sheeps Meadow. If you'd like, bring a blanket, food and drink, or whatever else sounds fun! And of course, bring another black woman in the performing arts. Can't wait to see you there.

Sheep's Meadown Central Park

1802 65th St Transverse, New York, NY 10065

       I have gotten such a kick out of all of the "Letters to 2016 memes." If you haven't seen one, they are memes or post, personifying 2016 as a whole, highlighting the ratchetness of the year; as it came with many moments of suffering and heartache for our nation and world at large. In 2016, we saw our country fully unmask himself, revealing himself as the monster our parents and grandparents told us he always was. Many of...

Are you visualizing a BOLDer 2017? Yeah, so are we. Join us for our BOLD: Vision Night. We'll be making vision boards, asking ourselves questions that will help us break down barriers, and we'll share tips to unlocking our true potential.  

We'll provide glue sticks, magazines, scissors, boards,tape, and drinks.

We ask that you bring an extra magazine and snack to share!


24 West 120th street

New York, NY 10027-630...

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